Btcname devient Mubiz

Receive your wages and refunds in Bitcoin

For individuals

btcname turns your complicated Bitcoin address into the easiest internet link.
Thus, you can provide easily your Bitcoin data to receive wages, refunds, payments and donations.

  • Nothing to remember : Your Name is enough
  • Easily add on a business card, an agreement, ...
  • Easily add in a blog, an association website, ... to receive subsidies, grants and donations.
  • It's free and always will be!

To make sells in Bitcoin

For businesses

Create a transaction become extremely easy.
Indicate the data, you obtain instantly a QR Code, just needed to be scanned by your client!

  • Easy to use in a shop or a store
  • Easy to integrate on an e-commerce website
  • Useful for 'paid for content' websites (articles, news, videos, chats, applications, movies, ...)
  • It's free and always will be!


Accept Bitcoin on your e-commerce website, for free!

<iframe allowtransparency frameborder="0" width="400px" height="400px" src="[Recipient]/[Amount]/[Reference_Id]/[Sender]/"></iframe>[Recipient]/[Amount (optional)]/[Reference (optional)]/[From (optional)]/
Recipient : Firstname.NAME or Brand or Bitcoin Public Address
Amount (optional) : Amount of the transaction in Bitcoin
Reference (optional) : Reference of the transaction or label
From (optional) : Sender of the transaction (btcname id or Public Address)